[Shenzhen] TVM Meetup - Sept. 16th - offline

Hello everyone, we are delighted to announce that a TVM meetup (offline) will be held in Shenzhen on Sept.16th. This time, we are honored to invite 5 AI compiler experts, who will share their best practices about TVM. Anyone interested in TVM is warmly welcome to attend.

More details : 活动预告 | 2023 Meet TVM · 深圳站定档 ,邀您共赴一场最前沿的 AI 编译器技术之旅!

  • Time: Sept.16th 13:30-17:30 (UTC+8)

  • Site: 深圳市南山区深南大道 10000 号腾讯大厦 2F 多功能厅

  • Speaker:

    • Guangxi Zhu: Engineering Manager @ Tencent
    • Lei Xie: Founder @ MachineTime
    • Gang Su: Staff Engineer @ Enflame
    • Feng Zhang: Senior Engineer @ Tencent
    • Siyuan Feng: Apache TVM PMC, PhD @ SJTU
  • Seats limited (offline): 200

  • Join us: Click

  • Agenda:

:clap: We will prepare exquisite gifts and tea breaks, see you in Shenzhen!

Ref: Recap: Meetup in Beijing, gathering more than 140 attendees!