Why stop quantize after first ``nn.global_avg_pool2d``

def global_avg_pool2d_rewrite(ref_call, new_args, ctx):
    """Rewrite function for global_avg_pool2d for stopping quantize"""
    if quantize_context().check_to_skip(ref_call):
        return None

    expr, x_kind = _get_expr_kind(new_args[0])

    if x_kind is None:
        return None
    expr = _forward_op(ref_call, [new_args[0].realize()])

    # stop quantize after global_avg_pool2d
    return expr
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Having the same question.@ziheng

My guess is that tvm stops quantizing after the global average pooling for accuracy purposes.

Usually in modern CNN after the global average pooling, you have the classifier (dense layer). In order to preserve accuracy the computation will be performed on 32 bit (instead of 8bit)

Having the same question.@ziheng