Where can i find the source projects which generate the sample bit file

I’m a noob who just learn tvm for weeks, when i follow the book Get Started with VTA with my pynq board, i notice that vta use rpc to program my borad with a sample bit stream which named “1x16_i8w8a32_15_15_18_17.bit”

xilinx@pynq:~/tvm$ sudo ./apps/vta_rpc/start_rpc_server.sh # pw is 'xilinx'

INFO:RPCServer:bind to
INFO:RPCServer:connection from ('', 14167)
INFO:root:Skip reconfig_runtime due to same config.
INFO:root:Program FPGA with 1x16_i8w8a32_15_15_18_17.bit

I want to view the source project which generate sample bit stream like this, where can i find it?