[VTA] What configurations are available? VTAUop size assert error


I’ve been exploring VTA and am trying out different configurations editing the vta_config.json file.

For some configuartions, when running make, I get the following error:

/tvm/vta/runtime/runtime.cc:46:29: error: static assertion failed: VTA_UOP_WIDTH do not match VTAUop size

I have the following questions:

  • The corresponding comment in the code says Avoid bad configurations. Does this mean that the configurations that trigger this are simply not supported (yet?), and if so does this include every configuration with this parameter-value pair? For example I get this by setting LOG_WGT_WIDTH to 2 and leaving every other parameter as default. Does that mean that any configuration with 4-bit weights will trigger this or might it work in combination with some other parameter.

  • In what way does changing LOG_WEIGHT_WIDTH or LOG_INP_BUFF_SIZE impact the UOP_WIDTH? It doesn’t really make sense to me so please let me know what I’ve missed.


The same error occured when I changed the value of VTA_LOG_BLOCK from 4 to 3 in vta_config.json file