[VTA] Deploy Pretrained Vision Model from Pytorch on VTA

Hi everyone working on VTA and @thierry,

I am trying to load Pytorch model and see how the VTA instruction is generated. Here is the notebook based on the tutorial and this discussion.

However, at the end I don’t see any VTA instruction is running when I tried sim_stats = simulator.stats().

Execution statistics:
	inp_load_nbytes :                0
	wgt_load_nbytes :                0
	acc_load_nbytes :                0
	uop_load_nbytes :                0
	out_store_nbytes:                0
	gemm_counter    :                0
	alu_counter     :                0

Based on MxNet tutorial mentioned above, I am don’t see why there is no VTA instruction is issued ( also enabled debug_flag_ and don’t see debug instruction is printed either).

Can anyone help?

Thank you,