Very low accuracy for tflite models with tvm on raspberry pi


I am trying to run a tflite model (my own trained tflite model and not the mobilenet as in the tutorial) by referring to the tflite tutorial( on raspberry pi 3, 32 bit OS, with llvm 6 and python 3.7.

I have just changed the image preprocessing part according to my requirement in the tutorial and the target for tvm("rasp3b")). With tflite I was able to get 91% accuracy but with the tflite model compiled with tvm I am getting 62.3% accuracy.

Any suggestion as to why this happened? Thanks!

Also, forgot to add that the tflite model was a fully integer quantised int8 model. So to sum up, I was trying to use a pre quantised int8 tflite model on raspberry pi, and compare the accuracy of tvm and tflite.

Any idea, why there is such a huge accuracy drop?