[Unity] Open Dev Meeting Nov. 14, 2023

Our next meeting will take place at 5:00pm PST on Nov. 14, 2023. Please note that @yongwww and I will be taking over hosting from now on, and welcome other volunteers who would like to host meetings (let’s thank @psrivas2 and @sunggg for hosting meetings thus far).

The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

Others are welcome to add further topics to the agenda.

You can find previous meeting notes and recordings here, and join the meeting at https://octoml-ai.zoom.us/j/85495687837?pwd=M2FJVzFUbTBJeHVCNTRiL3k1ek9xUT09


Recoding: https://octoml-ai.zoom.us/rec/share/dx52c-3RgueKsxoXvaKRK6s-fvZgO-D2B9Vcy0P_S77vI61yxX5tQ_zjhwlKsrC2.j4EZafKJJWJCOhFG Passcode: !5?5y$vH

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