[Unity] Open Dev Meeting July 25th

Hi all,

Our next meeting will take place at 6:00PM PDT (9:00 AM China, 6:30 AM India, 1:00 AM GMT) on July 25th. This will be another vertical meeting focused on Large-language models (LLM) that we announced previously (see link).

Current Agenda:

Please add topics to the agenda that you would like to discuss

You can find previous meeting notes and recordings here: Apache TVM Relax open development meeting , and join the meeting at https://octoml-ai.zoom.us/j/84450540157?pwd=L2h2SStjWTc1bGU0YS9UZk9KVnptUT09 .

Looking forward to seeing you!


a pity to miss the meetingļ¼has a vedio about the meetingļ¼Ÿ

Recording: https://octoml-ai.zoom.us/rec/share/tweHayS90DlVHXN_57EHCoW67MBYX2pXICUE3FMTdEV29m8eZjfPXCGSe96t6zsK.ITdBBoO0_N-2LDzg

Passcode: Z@c^2TkZ