[Unity] Open Dev Meeting July 18, 2023

Hi all,

Our next meeting will take place at 9:00 AM PST 11:30 AM PDT on July 18th.

Current Agenda:

Please add topics to the agenda that you would like to discuss

You can find previous meeting notes and recordings here: Apache TVM Unity open development meeting , and join the meeting at https://octoml-ai.zoom.us/j/85495687837?pwd=M2FJVzFUbTBJeHVCNTRiL3k1ek9xUT09

Looking forward to seeing you!


There were 3 of us dialed in. We waited until 9:10 and nobody else showed up. What happened?

there seems to be a mistake in terms of timing. the calendar invite showed a later time. Sorry about the confusion.

I think we updated the community calendar time to 11:30 PDT but didn’t change the announcement


Recording: https://octoml-ai.zoom.us/rec/share/zkjLJLJji6n3wlEk91UrIgEM4c5e7639uJ7r6S7XOhokwakNH30H6VXQUwdL1w2r.CClUxV58AMetqxMz

Passcode: *Ve9#d5N