[Unity] Open Dev Meeting April 18

Hi all,

Our next meeting will take place at 6:00PM PDT (9:00 AM China, 6:30 AM India, 1:00 AM GMT) on April 18.

This meeting will be our first vertical-focused meeting talking about Stable Diffusion. The idea of this vertical-focused meeting is that you can bring up any topic related to the model chosen each time.

Please feel free to follow-up in the agenda doc if you have anything you’d like to discuss about Stable Diffusion :slight_smile:

Current Agenda:

  • @spectrometerHBH will share his great work on cuda integration :rocket:
  • @masahi will talk about potentially effective optimizations for Stable Diffusion :fire:

Please add topics to the agenda that you would like to discuss

You can find previous meeting notes and recordings here: Apache TVM Relax open development meeting , and join the meeting at https://octoml-ai.zoom.us/j/84450540157?pwd=L2h2SStjWTc1bGU0YS9UZk9KVnptUT09 .

Looking forward to seeing you!


I have to admit that I have less confidence in “potentially effective” now. I’ve just got the initial perf numbers but they indicate regression (129 vs 136 ms) :sob: But it is probably worth talking about it nonetheless.


This is fine. @spectrometerHBH will introduce the optimization techniques that allow SD to run at AIT-level performance with his workflow, so no need to worry a lot

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@masahi, no worries! Your investigation itself is valuable and I’m sure that folks would be super interested in hearing about your experience. :slight_smile:

Happening tomorrow, we will also discuss ideas about next vertical topic if we have time(likely LLMs)

Thank you @masahi and @spectrometerHBH for presenting! The presentations were very engaging and I learned a lot :slight_smile:

Recording: https://octoml-ai.zoom.us/rec/share/5-XlTM6eqgKhD2GH_SXl5pTSJsExahuspgvVci3ApHR5zK1GhQ4LAA3GkMxluUjc.bbVcIJ0K2BT4aB5G Passcode: .ZWJ@3dQ