Unifying TVM and microTVM Community Meetings

Background and Motivations

To date we’ve (up til Jan 2022) been hosting two different TVM Community Meetings:

  • A monthly TVM Community Meeting, hosted by Chris Hoge
  • A bi-weekly microTVM Community Meeting, hosted by Tom Gall

Community Meetings are a great place for folks in the community to connect in a high-bandwidth setting, discuss pending RFCs, share demos, and have broader discussion about the project.

As the microTVM project has grown, changes in microTVM have started to work their way upwards in the TVM compiler stack, with many folks proposing new flows and compiler passes to support custom accelerators rather than simply discussing about bare-metal runtimes. Meanwhile, the monthly TVM Community Meeting has been on hiatus since Jan 2022.

A Standing Weekly Community Meeting

I’d like to propose that we trial merging the microTVM and TVM Community Meetings. Here’s how that would work:

  • We will adopt a standing weekly time for the meetings. To start, let’s make it the same time as the one chosen for microTVM (since the TVM Community Meeting is on hiatus):

    Wednesdays at 8:00am PST, 16:00 UTC (4:00pm London), 17:00 CEST, 21:30 India, 24:00 China (e.g. 00:00 Thursdays)

  • We will not necessarily meet every week. Meetings will be held when the agenda (a standing Google Doc) has something to discuss. Agenda items must be added 24 hours in advance of the meeting time. Items will be discussed in the order added to the doc.

  • Each Agenda item should link to a corresponding Discuss post or GitHub issue for context. For example, a pre-RFC could be discussed, but the pre-RFC should be published 24 hours before the meeting time to allow the community to prepare for the discussion.

  • We will announce the meeting each week via a Discuss forum post and update the post when there is no meeting.

  • Each meeting will be hosted by a rotating host whose job is to run through the meeting agenda and moderate discussion.

  • Someone (ideally someone less involved with discussion) will take notes and update the linked agenda item to document the discussion as best we can.

Meetings for sub-projects, such as the Relax open development weekly meeting, would continue to live on separate from this unified community meeting.

First Standing TVM Community Meeting

I propose the first such standing TVM Community Meeting be this coming Wednesday March 2 at 8:00am PST. I’ll volunteer to host the first one, and we’ll expand on this concept after we see how the first few meetings go.

Agenda doc


As always, this is a proposal and I’m happy to hear feedback from the community. As next week’s meeting coincides with the microTVM Community Meeting, and I plan to propose a micro-adjacent topic, in practice there isn’t much immediate change other than potentially broadening next week’s meeting.

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Hi Andrew.

:+1: Sounds good!