TVMCon 2021 Recordings

Hey everyone, thanks again to all the amazing sponsors, speakers, and attendees of TVMCon 2021.

After a lot of hard work from the TVMCon team the TVMCon recordings are now edited and uploaded to YouTube for anyone to watch whether for the first time, or to review some of the great content again.

We hope to see many of you again this year at TVMCon 2022!

For community members who live in countries where YouTube is not easily viewable we are working on uploading the videos to other video platforms. Currently @Hzfengsy and others are working on making them easily accessible in China, but feel free to reach out if there are other places you would like to host the content.

Thanks again!


We just finished uploading slides for talks that provided them to the TVMCon site.

I have uploaded all the records on Bilibili for users and developers from China mainland.

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