TVMC tune problem

Ask for help!This is the Compiling and Optimizing a Model with TVMC experiment for the TVM website.When conducting the procedure of Automatically Tuning the ResNet Model, the following errors occur:

This is very confusing to me and I ask for some help from you.

The error seems clear to me. It says the model file cannot be downloaded, so the rest errors don’t matter.

Thank you for your answer, but I don’t think it’s the.onnx file that doesn’t download because the.onnx file does exist and executing other commands does produce output files (such as resnet50-v2-7-tvm. Tar, Prediction.npz) and the corresponding statement output.In other words, all the steps prior to auto-tuning can be performed, although there are still some caveats… Anyway, thank you for your help and welcome to continue discussing this issue.

Ok if that wasn’t a case, then the error message meant no tuning tasks were extracted from the model. Possible reasons:

  • The model input has dynamic shapes (e.g., dynamic batch size).
  • The model has no tunable workloads (e.g., conv2d, dense, etc), but it should not be a case for ResNet.

To dive into the root cause, it would be helpful if you could provide a minimal script to reproduce the problem.

I found that the .onnx file size is 0KB, which I think might be the problem.I re-downloaded the file and tuned it again, and the results were normal.It was a bit dramatic, but fortunately the problem was solved.Thank you for your help! ps: Why does this 0KB file not affect the results of previous operations?