TVM is now using C++17

I have merged a PR that updated the required C++ standard to C++17.

This page ( has a summary of new features added in that standard:

LLVM has also recently changed their C++ standard level, here is a snippet from their release notes that lists the minimum compiler versions:

LLVM is now built with C++17 by default. This means C++17 can be used in the code base.

The previous “soft” toolchain requirements have now been changed to “hard”. This means that the the following versions are now required to build LLVM and there is no way to suppress this error.

  • GCC >= 7.1
  • Clang >= 5.0
  • Apple Clang >= 9.3
  • Visual Studio 2019 >= 16.7

Please note that some of the standard library features may not be fully implemented by the minimal required versions. For details you can refer to