The Relay OP argwhere with dynamic shape fails to run on OpenCL devices that do not support double precision

OPENCL EXTENSION cl_khr_fp64 is not supported by some OpenCL device. tvm.topi.ceil_log2 is part of argwhere. When it comes to dynamic shape, ceil_log2 would return cast(tvm.tir.ceil(tvm.tir.log2(cast(x, “float64”))), x.dtype).

so I added a condition in python/tvm/topi/ to make ceil_log2 return cast(tvm.tir.ceil(tvm.tir.log2(cast(x, “float32”))), x.dtype) and made it work.

if "opencl" in
        if isinstance(x, tvm.tir.expr.Var):
            if ("any_dim" in & ("int32" in x.dtype):
                return cast(tvm.tir.ceil(tvm.tir.log2(cast(x, "float32"))), x.dtype)

The default data type of any_dim is int32, so I think some values close to 2,147,483,647 would be converted into wrong values in float32.

In this case, what reasonable changes should I make?

I met a similar issue with vulkan. My solution is to compute integer log2 entirely in integer, without casting to fp64. See

You need to add support for computing clz via opencl intrinsic. See

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Hi masahi,

Just add

    .set_attr<FLowerIntrinsic>("opencl.FLowerIntrinsic", DispatchPureExtern<Direct>);

in tvm/src/target/source/

and use same computing rule as vulkan

if "opencl" in
        if isinstance(x, tvm.tir.expr.Var):
            if ("any_dim" in & ("int" in x.dtype):
                clz = tvm.tir.clz(x)
                bits = int(x.dtype[-2:])
                res = tvm.tir.if_then_else(x & (x - 1) == 0, bits - clz - 1, bits - clz)
                if res.dtype != x.dtype:
                    return cast(res, x.dtype)
                return res

and I got OpenCL kernel source like

start[(0)] = (((long)2 << ((((long)(((any_dim & (any_dim - 1)) == 0) ? (31 - clz(any_dim)) : (32 - clz(any_dim)))) - ((long)j)) - (long)1)) * ((((long)((int)get_group_id(0))) * (long)256) + ((long)((int)get_local_id(0)))));

It work in OpenCL,too. Thank you so much for your suggestion.