The question about SplitStepNode In Ansor

Hi, everyone. My question is about the meaning of the member variable in the data structure SplitStepNode. It is mainly about the member variable length. I want to know whether the meaning of this member variable represents the length of the split axis. For example, the A axis is split into a1 axis, a2 axis and a3 axis. If the original length of the A-axis is 80, and if the lengths of a1, a2 and a3 are 2,4,10, respectively, then the member variable length of SplitStepNode is equal to {2,4,10}? Thank you for your answers.

But the problem is that when I use ansor to do matrix multiplication, I print the value of the SplitStepNode of state in the file, as shown below. According to my previous understanding, the product of length should be equal to the extent (i.e. the length of the original axis), but it is not like this, so I am very confused. I hope you can answer.

Hi, I am also quite new to Ansor, but I think the length member variable is a split factor like below.

A = s0[compute].iters
a1,a2,a3 = s0.split(compute, A, [4,10])

If A IterVar’s extent is 80, the extent of a1,a2,a3 will be 2,4,10 and the length of SpliStepNode will be [4,10]. You can refer to tvm/python/autoscheduler/ for further information.