[TensorIR] Autotuning TIR script

Hi, I recently got to know TensorIR, which has great features that previous tensor expression IR cannot express. I decided to try it out and ran some manually-tuned codes (I referenced a nice document from tensor_ir_blitz_course).

I want to try auto-tuning the tir script (as mentioned in the TensorIR paper) with a custom sketch, but I can’t find any related document or example codes. What can be the most widely used way to register the tir script as SearchTask, and specify user-defined sketch rule?

PS, I am aware of adding custom sketch rule using Ansor, as well explained in how-to-tune-with-autoscheduler-tune-sparse-x86. I haven’t tried using meta-scheduler yet.

cc @junrushao to see if you have a plan for the meta-schedule tutorials