Something wrong in add new op

I use tvm0.7.

When I learned the tutorial Docs >Developer How-To Guide >Adding an Operator to Relay to add an new op which called “ljs” for practicing.

I has registered the “ljs” op, created the call node, and included the python api hook. And I can get the callnode:

But when I used the “ljs” in a network, I got an error when used

I find the error rasied in tvm_0.7/python/tvm/relay/, the class BuildModule(object)'s method build. But I don’t know how to solve. Where can I register FTVMStrategy for my op.

Thanks for your guidance!

I find this article Relay Operator Strategy. I will read it for some help first.

Fortunately we will soon land the update to that document with more details soon [Docs] Update Dev. Doc. on how to add a new relay operator by AndrewZhaoLuo · Pull Request #7893 · apache/tvm · GitHub

cc @AndrewZhaoLuo

Thanks, I will read the pr.