[SOLVED] What is the defination of "lanes"

lane means “narrow road” in dictionary, but i cannot get the truely defination in these situations. how to understand “lanes”?

classtvm.tir.Broadcast(value, lanes)
lanes (int) – The lanes of the expression.
/** A linear ramp vector node. This is vector with 'lanes' elements,
. */
struct Ramp : public ExprNode<Ramp> {
    Expr base, stride;
    int lanes;

lanes refer to the number of lanes in the a vector. e.g. int32x4 means a int32 vector with 4 elements(lanes=4)

Further help might be that the word “lanes” in English refers to the separate streams of traffic on the road (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lane) in SIMD terminology it often refers to the “width” of a vector instruction’s inputs (i.e 4 element vector in Tianqi’s example) and by extension the amount of parallelism provided by the HW.