[SOLVED] __init__.py : F"invalid value for TVM_BACKTRACE `{tvm_backtrace}`, please set to 0 or 1."

I met some errors when running the VTA simulator. The pictures of errors are as followed. Is it a bug? How to fix it?

Python 2 is not supported by TVM. Use python 3.

@tkonolige We used to have a check and an error message saying python2 is no longer supported, but the syntax issue prevents python3 to print it

perhaps we should avoid fstring in the top-level init then to enable a better error message

I got the point. It needs python version higer than 3.6 but my version is 3.5. Thanks for your help!!@tqchen @junrushao1994 @tkonolige

Thanks @kingsman ! It indeed revealed a problem that we should address

[PYTHON] Enable proper error message in python package by tqchen · Pull Request #7521 · apache/tvm · GitHub should fixed the error reporting issue. Thanks @kingsman !