[SOLVED] [AutoTVM] RuntimeError: Cannot get remote devices from the tracker

While I’m running autotuning source code in this page (https://tvm.apache.org/docs/vta/tutorials/autotvm/tune_relay_vta.html#sphx-glr-download-vta-tutorials-autotvm-tune-relay-vta-py) I have trouble in Tuning step with my connection.

The error message is this:

Of course I have free devices on the queue status: 스크린샷, 2020-09-15 18-49-33

and pynq terminal looks like this.

How can I solve this problem? Do you have any ideas? Thanks.

I solved it! This error causes when there is only 1 pynq device. When you use .request_remote(), it makes connection with pynq device. After connected with pynq device, .tune() makes error because there is no free pynq device anymore.

If you move .request_remote() block under tuning process, it will be fine.


hi, i have the same problem, can you show me your code ? thank you

@CLAMARE Hi, if you move remote block under tuning process, how could you program the PYNQ FPGA with bitstream?