Runnning Test doesn't work

I’m following this tutorial to try micro tvm. However, when I tried the poetry command like below $ cd apps/microtvm/reference-vm/zephyr $ poetry run python3 …/…/…/…/tests/micro/qemu/ --microtvm-platforms=stm32f746xx

I got this error:

(microtvm-vFLHvY_8-py3.6) vagrant@microtvm:/home/mamo/workspace/tvm/tvm$ poetry run python3 ./tests/micro/qemu/ --microtvm-platforms=stm32f746xx


[tool.poetry] section not found in /home/mamo/workspace/tvm/tvm/pyproject.toml

at ~/.poetry/lib/poetry/_vendor/py3.6/poetry/core/pyproject/ in poetry_config 53│ if self._poetry_config is None: 54│ self._poetry_config =“tool”, {}).get(“poetry”) 55│ if self._poetry_config is None: 56│ raise PyProjectException( → 57│ “[tool.poetry] section not found in {}”.format(self._file) 58│ ) 59│ return self._poetry_config 60│ 61│ def is_poetry_project(self): # type: () → bool

Could anyone help me resolve this please?