[rfc] Developer Survey 2022

To better engage with TVM’s developer and user community we’ve made two anonymous surveys, one for TVM users (link) and one for TVM developers (link). The user survey is intended to help us get some usage data on TVM to see how features are being utilized in the wild. The developer experience survey is meant to help the contributors working on TVM’s CI and tooling to identify and prioritize issues to make contributing a smoother experience. If there is anything missing from those forms please leave a comment here or come to the 10/19 community meeting.

The current plan is to run the survey for a couple weeks so people can answer it on their own time then collate the answers and share the results at a community meeting.


thanks @driazati , i think this is a really good idea. I think we should fixup this question on the user survey:

Broadly speaking, rate your understanding of TVM

* [1] I have no idea what TVM does
* [2] I know what TVM can be used for: ____
* [4] I know how to work with TVM to accomplish: _____
* [5] I know how to develop using these features inside TVM: _______

to remove the _____ (since there’s no way to enter data there).

We talked about this in the community meeting on 2022/10/19

  • The developer experience survey consists of only five questions regarding how contributing to TVM could be made easier
  • The user survey has questions about the professional background of users, hardware targets they are interested in and some questions about TVM in general
  • Surveys will remain online for a few weeks, results will be presented in a community meeting afterwards.
  • Short discussion about the weak parts of CI followed: Manually reproducing errors is very difficult. Not clear how such issues would fit into the survey