[Reminder] Online Meetup this Thursday

[Reminder] First Online Meetup: this Thursday

  • Host: OctoML
  • Format: Zoom (then recording on Youtube)
  • Timezones: US and European friendly (planning to alternate to Asia friendly for the next one)
  • Current registered attendees: 29 (as of May 19)

Just as a reminder, we’re going to run our first experimental online meetup this Thursday, May 21 at 9am PST (see timezone conversions here ). OctoML will host a zoom meeting which will be recorded and posted onto Youtube afterwards.

You’ll need to complete a simple free registration for the zoom meeting here if you want to participate live (this requirement is an attempt to curb zoom “crashers”). Let me know if anyone has any issues with this.

And the agenda is live here on Google docs feel free to make comments and suggestions on the format and content or to volunteer to present something. You can also comment here in this discuss thread. Currently we have:

As of May 19th the agenda is:

  • 2 min - Introduction - Jason Knight
  • 10 min - Update on Unified IR work - Tianqi Chen
  • 10 min - Graph pattern matching and rewriting - Matthew Brookhart
  • 15 min - Ethos-N Integration using BYOC (Bring your own codegen) - Matthew Barrett
  • (Time available) -
    • Open mic
      • Suggestions for future meeting topics / cadence
      • GPU “birds of a feather” special topic session?
    • Office hours - discuss questions posted here in advance so they can be triaged to future meeting topics, further offline discussion, etc. Vote here by adding a comment onto the line you’d like to see discussed:

Look forward to seeing you there!

Thanks to @tqchen, @mbrookhart, and @matt-arm for the great talks and ~40 for attending for a great first Online TVM Meetup!

Video is now up on Youtube here. And the agenda is here.

It sounds like there is interest from the community on two follow-up “directed” online sessions similar to this one but focused on a particular sub area of TVM, specifically for:

  • GPU efforts
  • Bare metal/uTVM

@YuanLin has volunteered to kick off a thread to crowdsource topics to discuss for the GPU session. And once @areusch gets his latest uTVM blog post up (then we’ll do something similar for the bare metal efforts). So be on the lookout for those!