[Relay][MXNet] Failed to convert a model from MXNet 1.8+

Recently we found that the Relay MXNet frontend doesn’t support MXNet 1.8+. For example, by running the MXNet tutorial (Compile MXNet Models — tvm 0.8.dev0 documentation), here is the error I got:

Segmentation fault: 11

I used gdb and it seems happens at Relay build. Meanwhile, we have another internal model also encountered Segmentation fault: 11 but failed at from_mxnet at dmlc::json::AnyJSONManager::~AnyJSONManager().

Does anyone have any idea about this failure?

Did you happen to find a solution to this problem? @gussmith23 and I are having a similar issue. Commenting out two imports from mxnet.gluon import nn and from mxnet.gluon.block import HybridBlock made the segfault disappear.