Recap of 2023 Meet TVM · Shanghai

Hi community,

On March 4th, we held an offline Meetup in Shanghai, which was a great success. Over 100 people attended and engaged in lively discussions and communications. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who participated and made the event so special.

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that the 2023 Meet TVM event will be held in Beijing in June. Hope to see you there and continue our discussions and connections.

Here are some on-site photos to share with everyone~

Refer: [Shanghai] TVM Meetup - Mar. 4th - online & offline


加入我们参加 CODAI 2023:编译器和优化技术推动边缘人工智能!

亲爱的中国 TVM 社区成员们,

在上海成功举办的活动之后,我们非常高兴地宣布 CODAI 2023 将在德国汉堡举行。我们对上海活动的热情和知识分享感到非常兴奋,并希望进一步连接亚洲和欧洲的 TVM 社区。


CODAI 2023 是关于边缘人工智能的首屈一指的研讨会,着重讨论编译器、优化技术、硬件后端和嵌入式 AI 加速器的应用等主题。加入我们,与专家们建立联系,共同推动边缘人工智能的发展。


祝好, Michael J. Klaiber CODAI 2023 主席

Join us at CODAI 2023: Advancing Edge AI with Compilers and Optimization Techniques!

Hello TVM Community in China,

After the successful event in Shanghai, we are thrilled to announce CODAI 2023 in Hamburg, Germany. We were excited to see the enthusiasm and knowledge shared at the Shanghai event and we aim to further connect the Asian and European TVM communities.

This year’s workshop will take place in Hamburg, Germany, on September 21, 2023. It will be a hybrid event with both in-person and virtual attendance options.

CODAI 2023 is the premier European workshop on Edge AI, focusing on topics such as compilers, optimization techniques, hardware backends, and applications for embedded AI accelerators. Join us to network with experts and contribute to the advancement of Edge AI.

Learn more:

Best regards, Michael J. Klaiber CODAI 2023 Chair

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@MJKlaiber This is awesome to hear! Would you mind sharing the linkedin or other social media post as well so that we could spread the message? Thanks a bunch!