[Question][Unity] MetaSchedule tune_tir output

Hi everyone,

I’m recently trying to run mlc.ai course about optimization using ms.tune_tir (6.1. Part 1 — Machine Learing Compilation 0.0.1 documentation).

Here is my source code:

import tvm
from tvm.ir.module import IRModule
from tvm.script import tir as T, relax as R
from tvm import relax
from tvm import meta_schedule as ms
import numpy as np

dev = tvm.cuda(0)

class MyModuleMatmul:
    def main(A: T.Buffer((1024, 1024), "float32"), 
             B: T.Buffer((1024, 1024), "float32"), 
             C: T.Buffer((1024, 1024), "float32")) -> None: 
        T.func_attr({"global_symbol": "main", "tir.noalias": True})
        for i, j, k in T.grid(1024, 1024, 1024):
            with T.block("C"):
                vi, vj, vk = T.axis.remap("SSR", [i, j, k])
                with T.init():
                    C[vi, vj] = 0.0
                C[vi, vj] = C[vi, vj] + A[vi, vk] * B[vk, vj]

sch_tuned = ms.tune_tir(

sch = ms.tir_integration.compile_tir(sch_tuned, MyModuleMatmul, target)
rt_mod = tvm.build(sch.mod, target=target)

The tune_tir step creates database_tuning_record.json and database_workload.json in the work_dir.

But when running the compile_tir step, the sch becomes NoneType. So when building the module it produced the following error message:

AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘mod’

Why did the sch become NoneType, how can I solve the problem? Is the tuning process not run completely?

Thank you for your assistance.

I met the same problem. Can anyone help?

Hi, I already solved this problem. In my case, downgrading xgboost package version to 1.4.2 will help.

You save me, thank you :partying_face:

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