[Question] May all op has it's own name?

When I Import a model to tvm model, always I don’t know what op correspoding to. when I debug with some ops with accuracy problem, it’s hard for me. So how about every import op has it’s own name, not just the name Node_244, Node_378?

when a conv2d op has name “resnet_v1_50/block4/unit_3/bottleneck_v1/conv3/Conv2D”, convert from frontend take this name as op name.

when we legalize some op, it decompose the op with scope name.

like Op SquaredDifference with name bert/encoder/layer_0/output/LayerNorm/moments/SquaredDifference, the op will be composed by some trival op. so the names will be bert_encoder_layer_0_output_LayerNorm/moments/SquaredDifference_meanbert_encoder_layer_0_output_LayerNorm/moments/SquaredDifference_subtract

this may be too long for a name. maybe its a good for debugging?