[Question] Does the current vision auto_scheduler support search using wmma?

above question, any none knows?

It’s not supported. However, meta schedule does. We recently upstreamed auto tensorization and now available in the main branch. Here’s an example tuning with meta schedule tune_gemm.py · GitHub

Thank you for your reply! I read the paper TensorIR: An Abstraction for Automatic Tensorized Program Optimization. It says TensorIR run bert-large model can be as fast as TensorRT. Does it use meta_schedule for search better op implementation?

When I use auto_schedule search the model exported from tensorflow(bert-base batch 8, seq 384), it can achive about 100 fps. FasterTransformers can be 1100fps. Should I use meta_schedule for search?


Yes it uses meta schedule, which uses tensorization (CUDA fp16 tensor core) and software pipelining for optimization.