Question about the dlight

regarding with the relax auto-scheduling issue, I heard about a site-package or 3rd-plugins which name “dlight” is under development,which would replace DefaultGPUSchedule which offers great performance at no auto-tuning cost.

So, whats the status now, I 'm expecting and can not wait for any second. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

[Unity] Schedule Needed while building relax model with GPU Target - Questions - Apache TVM Discuss

The first version of dlight has already been integrated into TVM Unity and MLC-LLM, you can try this feature by upgrading your relax and MLC-LLM to the latest version.

spoilers: it’s super fast :slight_smile:


I have seen dlight in mlc-llm, but default dl.gpu.Matmul() does not seem to use nv’s tensor core, which makes matrix matmul quite slow. Any good suggestions?

Tensorization has been supported in matmul schedule of dlight (contributed by @adfwer233 ):