Question about Codegen (tvmgen_default_fused)

Hi Sirs,

I have a question about the codegen when using CMSIS-NN Pass.

Below picture is part of the model.

And we got the generated function as below picture.

There are 4 default fused functions before concatenate, and the function is just only copy input to output.

These 4 fused functions look like unnecessary, could they be not generated ?


This looks similar to the issue with reshape that was recently fixed

cc @ashutosh-arm

It looks like they correspond to reshape op of Relay. Could you please share the *.relay file produced from compilation?

Do you mean this (relay file)?

Or please tell me how to save relay file.


Hi @markii apologies for the delay, I just tried your link but it looks like it has expired now. Would you mind resending?

Out of interest did you try cherry-picking the patch that I attached above ( into your tree? Did this make any different to the generated code?

Hi lhutton1,

yes, but it makes no different. please refer to the below link~