Proposal : Regular µTVM Meet up


As µTVM development is moving along at a reasonable clip, a number of the “usual suspects” think that a regular get together specific to µTVM following the model of TVM online meetings would be of value. RFCs, PRs, Bugs, Code, Tests, Issues of the Day, Planning etc for µTVM would all be in scope. High bandwidth meetings have a history of helping to keep efforts coordinated and moving forward efficiently.


A µTVM focused online meeting would be held bi-weekly at 9am PDT on Wednesdays, starting May 12th.

The regular meeting would follow the online TVM meeting guidelines and as others have done, adapted them to the online meetings. Detailed notes would be taken during the course of the meeting. As an initial agenda item it will be decided if recordings should be made and published instead. We recognize that recording the meeting can be intimidating to some, likewise detailed notes take effort. Regardless the community is owed some sort of record of the meetings. The notes (and potential link to video recordings) will be posted in the Discuss µTVM Forum.

Past agendas and the proposed future agenda(s) will be kept in a public Google doc with the link also posted in the µTVM Discuss forum. While the document will be publicly accessible, we proposed a subset of active µTVM participants should have edit rights.


And for the record I’m volunteering to host, setup, and organize this effort.

hi @tgall_foo,

I’m in support of this and would be happy to attend! It would be great if we launched a thread a few days beforehand collecting some proposed topics.

cc @mehrdadh @thierry @tqchen @ramana-arm @aca88 @stoa @r.stahl @hogepodge @jknight


Fantastic! Thanks so much for stepping forward to lead something like this @tgall_foo. I believe @hogepodge can give you access to add the uTVM meetup calendar hit to the public TVM calendar.

@tgall_foo Can you private message me an account that you can manage Google calendars with, and I’ll give you access to the TVM Community Calendar. I’ll subscribe for notifications and promote the events on Twitter also.

I would be happy to follow such meetings as well. But i’m not sure if i’m able to attend, so I think recordings would be very useful! Thank you for organising @tgall_foo !

As the uTVM community seems to be increasing in size and interest I think that’s perfect timing to huddle with a cadence as proposed. Thanks for proposing and organizing that meet up!

+1 to this idea! thanks @tgall_foo for putting the effort!

There’s been a lot of interested in µTVM and AOT in particular, and this specialized meet up is an excellent idea. I’d like to propose that instead of starting it this week, which is fairly soon and may not have strong attendance, that we instead use the community meeting next week to kick it off. We had already planned on devoting the meeting time to AOT and µTVM.