[NOTICE] TVM Runtime RPC Upgrade in PR7488

Dear community:

As part of Runtime Support for Special Memory Scope we will bring in support for multi-dimensional special memory allocation. This change would enable new features such as support for GPU texture memory.

It is a very rare change to the runtime API that enables multi-dimensional malloc which we normally won’t need(since we can turn to an matrix malloc to a flat memory malloc by flattening the shape in most cases) but would need to support special memory abstraction such as texture. As a result, the PR would require an RPC update, due to the change of the low level primitive (using old client server pair will give you an error message about rpc server version mismatch). Please prepare to upgrade your rpc tuning flow accordingly.

The particular implication has been discussed in the RFC but this is an explicit thread to bring everyone’s attention.

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quick question, does this affect C++ rpc? which is used commonly in the embedded environment / android, but not included in our unit testing, i worry we forget it.

@FrozenGene Both C++ and python RPC requires update, although the change only touches the core RPC so the code is shared between the two.

Got it. Thanks for explainment.

The PR has been merged