Next MicroTVM Community Meeting Jan 19th

Hi Everyone!

The next microTVM community meeting is planned to be Wednesday, January 19th at 8am PDT 10am CDT, 1500 UTC, 1600 BST, 2030 IST, 2300 China.

We use zoom for the get together. The zoom connection link is located in the agenda document which is at : Apache TVM - microTVM Community Meeting - Google Docs

Please use this thread/online doc to suggest or add your own topics for the agenda. If we don’t see any topics of interest, we’ll cancel the meeting on this thread the day prior.

Hope to see you there!

I’m not quite ready to talk about the microTVM Roadmap, unfortunately. We’re still waiting for those Roadmap RFCs to land.

I added a topic about analyzing the AOT “graph.” Folks currently use graph.json (when they use the GraphExecutor) to analyze the generated operator code, but e.g. with the introduction of USMP, it’ll become increasingly difficult to use graph.json as a substitute here. We should probably debate whether e.g. it makes sense to build such a JSON format for AOT, or whether we should have folks consume the TIR, or something different.