Next microTVM Community Meeting August 18th

Hi Everyone!

The next µTVM community meeting is planned to be Wednesday August 18st. 8am PDT 10am CDT, 1500 UTC, 1600 BST, 2030 IST, 2300 China

We’ll use zoom for the get together. The zoom connection link is located in the agenda document which is at : Apache TVM - microTVM Community Meeting - Google Docs

Let’s use this thread to talk about things we’d like to have on the agenda.

Hope to see you there!

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Just to note–we are skipping this week’s meeting as folks are either in the middle of work on stuff discussed previously or on holiday. We’ll have a recap of all the work in progress on the 17th!


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Thanks for the update @tgall_foo!

Could you please update µTVM to microTVM in google doc and this post? We’re trying to unify the microTVM name in different places.


@mehrdadh done! Sorry I had missed that one place. My fault.


Bumping! Does anyone of any agenda items to add?

Just a reminder that our community meeting is happening tomorrow, Aug 18 at 8am PDT 10am CDT, 1500 UTC, 1600 BST, 2030 IST, 2300 China.