Next Community Meeting July 21st

Hi Everyone!

The next µTVM community meeting is planned to be Wednesday July 21st. 8am PDT 10am CDT, 1500 UTC, 1600 BST, 2030 IST, 2300 China

We’ll use zoom for the get together. The zoom connection link is located in the agenda document which is at : Apache TVM - µTVM Community Meeting - Google Docs

Let’s use this thread to talk about things we’d like to have on the agenda.

Hope to see you there!

@tgall_foo is there time to discuss the questions we raise in the USMP PR?

CC: @manupa-arm @aca88 @areusch

@MJKlaiber - certainly! I’ll follow up with @manupa-arm

Thanks @tgall_foo . If it somehow suits, it would be great to have this topic in the second half of the meeting.Unfortunately there is scheduling conflict in the beginning … anyway one of us will be there from the beginning :slight_smile:

Yes, we are happy to discuss it in the meeting :slight_smile: .

@tgall_foo , we were thinking whether its possible to go through the Arm Ethos-U RFC (maybe for around 10 mins) ?

sounds good @manupa-arm, I’ll make sure you have time for that as well

The recording of the meeting is now available online.

The July 7 meeting recording is also available. My apologies for the delay in posting it.