MLIR TVM support

I’ve got interested in MLIR.
Could you tell me whether do you plan on adding support for mlir in TVM?
Does changes applied to MLIR since your discussion: Google lasted work: MLIR Primer change your view on this project?

one potential area of interest is to started by adding bidirectional translation of mlir dialect to relay as a better path for tf support, as a community project, we are definitely love to have ideas driven by community members as well, so please also share your thoughts

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I have a question about the connection between MLIR and TVM. I saw this discussion that people said we could make a bridge between the MLIR and TVM. They also noted if we use MLIR in TVM, we can exploit Polyhedral Compilation in TVM. But my question is, why has nobody done this yet, even after about three years? Is there any problem that I can not find it?