Minor Error in image in Tutorial „Blitz Course to TensorIR”


i’m not sure if I put this topic into the correct category. However I would like to give it a try:

I just revisited the tutoral “Blitz Course to TensorIR” and had a look at the graph in the subsection “Transform an IR-Module” that visualize the process. (Blitz Course to TensorIR — tvm 0.9.dev182+ge718f5a8a documentation)

For me it looks like that the code in the box in the lower right corner should have a different index-order in the for loop because the s.reorder operation should have changed the order. It looks like it was a copy and pasted but the order was not changed when creating the image. The correct order would be: for i_2, i_0, i_1 in T.grid(2, 2, 2):

(Link to image: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Hzfengsy/web-data/main/images/design/tvm_tensor_ir_opt_flow.png)

@Hzfengsy: It would be great if you could adapte the image in case you have the original template available. It is probably a minor fix to improve the documentation.

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