Managed TVM CI Launching Monday, Jan 24

Hi all,

With [RFC] Managed Jenkins Infrastructure for TVM CI landed, we are going to proceed fairly quickly with launching the managed Jenkins infrastructure. Recognizing that TVM CI is currently plagued with occasional downtime, we are going to proceed with launching the new managed infrastructure on Monday, Jan 24 during the morning Pacific Standard Time.

Launching this new infrastructure will allow us to better support Jenkins, better document the CI environment we use, and open new possibilities for integrating vendor CIs. For more details, see the RFC above.

During this launch, Jenkins will stop accepting new builds. You may notice that PRs you submit are not picked up or only picked up by the GitHub Actions builds. The launch plan calls for us to migrate the build results from the old Jenkins instance to the new one, so once the launch is complete, we expect you will be able to see the results of old builds. Additionally, we expect the new Jenkins instance to pick up the backlog of unbuilt PRs after it is launched.

We will update this thread as the launch proceeds, and appreciate your patience with us as we complete this migration.

Thanks! Andrew


We’re launching this now.

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Update: this is almost done, but we are tracking a regression where Jenkins is not currently reporting that it runs PRs. will update when we know more.

:confetti_ball: Really awesome to see this launch!