July TVM Community Meeting

HI Everyone,

We have another TVM Community meeting scheduled for tomorrow, July 15. I haven’t put together an agenda for the meeting, so I would like to postpone it until next week to give myself and the rest of the community an opportunity to prepare for it and promote it. Additionally, I would also like to propose that we switch the official designation from “third Thursday of the month” to “second to last Thursday of the month.” In most cases there will be no difference in the date, but in months that have five Thursdays this will load the meeting more consistently towards the end of the month.

Please let me know in this thread or directly if there are any objections to either of these changes. Also, if you have any topics you would like to discuss, please propose them here or in the agenda doc. Thanks in advance, and my apologies for the short notice on the date change.


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To clarify, the July meeting has been moved to July 22. My apologies for the confusion, and hopefully I’ll see you all in a week.

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This week on July 22, 9 AM PT, the TVM Community Meeting will focus on “Nightly Auto-Build and Testing of TVM CI Docker Images”.

The agenda and connection details here.

Thanks to @leandron for leading the disucssion this month!

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The recording of the meeting is now online.