Join us and Complete translation of Chinese manual

Hello everyone ! It’s been a few weeks since I mentioned internationalization of documents earlier.

The manual supports implementation recommendations for internationalization

Establishment of Chinese Language Manual

Now, there is a good news to share with you. I’ve finish document internationalization based on a branch of TVM and It means that anyone can generate documents in any kinds of language based on the code I modify. The code has been submitted to Github:, which is fork from Apache/tvm. What’s more, you can use simple scripts to finish all of this, please refer to the Readme. I don’t know if I can commit these changes to the main branch?

Based on the above work, we have started Chinese translation with the help of transifex. Welcome to join us, we need your help!

An initial Chinese version has been deployed on Github Pages, but we haven’t translated any of the text yet, so it looks exactly like the English site. We plan to update every three to seven days, but this is not mandatory.

If you are interested in our work, welcome to join us, the slack share-link:

if you want to articipate in translation work, please show me your account-email and your desired identity. Translator and reviewer are needed.

Any question to this project, or any question to the code I submit to TVMChinese/tvm, welcome to contact me at

Looking forward to your participation!

Having trouble with the slack share link. Care to generate another one?

you can join us by visit