Is AutoTVM time execution measurement consistent?


when measuring time execution of MobilNet convolutions from 1 to 9, I obtain different time from what I observe in AutoTVM best result log (run without time limit).

My measurement with tutorial code-like: MobilNet_01: 0.46 MobilNet_02: 0.25 MobilNet_03: 0.43 MobilNet_04: 0.21 MobilNet_05: 0.47 MobilNet_06: 0.32 MobilNet_07: 0.41 MobilNet_08: 0.22 MobilNet_09: 1.00

with the code: ftimer = module.module.time_evaluator(“run”, ctx, number=10, repeat=10) time += [ftimer().results[0] * 1000]

In the log file, when I look at the best time I observe: MobilNet_01: 0.16 MobilNet_02: 0.17 MobilNet_03: 0.34 MobilNet_04: 0.17 MobilNet_05: 0.36 MobilNet_06: 0.20 MobilNet_07: 0.42 MobilNet_08: 0.25 MobilNet_09: 0.86

The difference between the 2 does not look constant. What is the problem? Can I trust AutoTVM to find the best candidate?

Thank you, Best regards, Hugo