How to set CPU of Hexagon simulator?

I’m trying to do some tests followed testing info.
I tried to generate a session like this below.

Then I just try to generate some data and move them to the hexagon simulator, just like in the test file. image

At this step, I got an error.
It seems to be caused by copying data to hexagon simulator.

By checking logfile in the workspace, I found something wierd.
I build Hexagon_api and tvm both with USE_HEXAGON_ARCH=v66.
And in my code, I defined target with target ='v66', link_param=True).
While in the log, it shows that the cpu architecture is not specified.

So I guess that’s the problem.
After rebuilding Hexagon_api and tvm with v68, everthing turns ok.
Here it the question, is there a way to set the CPU arch mentioned in the figure?
Is it v68 by default or is there something wrong with the whole process of my code?

The simulator is not affected by the target flags. Its configuration is set through the HEXAGON_SIM_ARGS environement variable. The format is

HEXAGON_SIM_ARGS="[cpu_version [other_flags]]"

Where [] means an optional value. The cpu_version is something like v66 or v68, the rest of the flags follow the flags to hexagon-sim (from the Hexagon toolchain). If you only want to set the architecture to v66, set HEXAGON_SIM_ARGS="v66".

That’s it !
I really appreciate your help.