How to get rid of deprecated target warning for marvell Hybrid target?

I invoke TVM Compiler with composite target, using the following command

$python3 -m pdb  -m tvm.driver.tvmc compile --target="mrvl, llvm" --output=b11_mlf.tar  cnn_b11.0_model.onnx

UserWarning: target_host parameter is going to be deprecated. Please pass in, host=target_host) instead.
  "target_host parameter is going to be deprecated. "

TVMC did not complaint anything before, but now it complains about deprecated target for mrvl.Under BYOC marvel was accepted by TVMC sometime back, I have no clue why I get this warning now , Could some one put light on this warning >

Thanks in advance!

I think this might be related to an API deprecation we made and not to Marvell. cc @Mousius

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your reply, few queries further

  1. Which API is deprecated ? Any reason ? Will it mean hybrid target is not going to be supported by TVMC ?
  2. With deprecated API, what kind of change Hybrid targets have to adopt with that change?

Please put some light on it, Appreciate your help.


Hi @Ganesh,

Apologies, I was thinking of a different API deprecation. In general, it’s safe to disregard this message. It looks like it’s complaining about an internal misuse of TVM’s Target or APIs. Rest assured we do not have plans to drop hybrid target support, so I think you can ignore it.

I filed to track this.


Hi @Andrew ,

Thanks a lot for your clarification and creating a bug for it !

Hi Andrew,

I’ve initiated another discussion vide, How to pass options attribute to hybrid target in the LLVM way?

Could you please respond or comment on this ?

Thanks in Advance