How to directly load tar (generated model) in C++?

Something like TVMPackage wrapper in C++? rather then unzip that file, and load .so, params, json one by one?

Currently it’s impossible to load tar in C++.

See also Loading tar module using C++ API - Troubleshooting - Apache TVM Discuss

thank u, does have a reason for so?

can we using some tar lib to parse it in c++?

I think it’s impossible. Because when you load compiled model in C++, you have to put the compiled model into filesystem and pass the path to C++ model loader API tvm::runtime::Module::LoadFromFile() as an argument.

@mshr-h So you mean, since Module::LoadFromFile takes a file, it’s not properly to do it inside program?

Maybe you were right, but I am using a tiny lib parsed .tar model and get the file out, seems can pass this step make it can further convinient do inference directly on generated tar file