[heterogeneous execution] How to use heterogeneous execution on multiple GPU?

I’m interested in heterogeneous execution on multiple GPU, the basic idea is to schedule different ops to different GPU.

What I expected was:

  • GPU-0 executes ‘sigmoid’ and ‘tanh’
  • GPU-1 executes ‘nn.dense’

However, the result seems that all the operators are executed on GPU-0, as I observed that only the GPU-0 is busy even if I place all ops to the GPU-1

Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


The code is referenced from [Heterogeneous execution examle]

annotated_ops_list_gpu0 = {"sigmoid", "tanh"}
annotated_relay_ops_gpu0 = [tvm.relay.op.get(op) for op in annotated_ops_list_gpu0]
annotated_ops_list_gpu1 = {"nn.dense"}
annotated_relay_ops_gpu1 = [tvm.relay.op.get(op) for op in annotated_ops_list_gpu1]

class ScheduleDense(ExprMutator):
    def __init__(self, device_0, device_1):
    self.device_0 = device_0
    self.device_1 = device_1
    super(ScheduleDense, self).__init__()

    def visit_call(self, expr):
         visit = super().visit_call(expr)
        if expr.op in annotated_relay_ops_gpu0:
            return relay.annotation.on_device(visit, self.device_1)
        elif expr.op in annotated_relay_ops_gpu1:
            return relay.annotation.on_device(visit, self.device_1)
            return visit

def schedule_dense_on_gpu(expr):
    sched = ScheduleDense(tvm.gpu(2), tvm.gpu(1))
    return sched.visit(expr)

I think that problem might be both GPU-0, GPU-1 which context has same device_type is 2, and maybe in TVM Context Mapping, these GPUs seems to change to one GPU device 0, GPU-0.

It’s not accurate, so I think the Contributor should let you know.

Is this solved? I’m curious too :slight_smile:

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Hello, is this problem solved?