'GraphModule' object has no attribute 'benchmark'

Hi everyone, I am new to tvm

When I study the demo from the tvm document, I meet this error:

'GraphModule' object has no attribute 'benchmark'


I am even more confused when I confirm through the tvm document that ‘GraphModule’ did have the attribute ‘benchmark’

Is anything wrong?

Is your build of tvm up to date? Could you post which commit you are on.

Thanks for your reply. The version is tvm0.8,and the code above is fromAuto-tuning a Convolutional Network for x86 CPU

Can you post the specific commit you are on? You can get it by running tvm.support.libinfo()["GIT_COMMIT_HASH"] from python. TVM 0.8 is not a specific version because it has not been released yet and benchmark was added sometime recently. It could be that you don’t have a recent enough version of tvm.

Sorry for taking so long to reply.

It doesn’t show which commit I am on :pensive:. Maybe I had some problems with the installation?


I assume you installed tvm from https://tlcpack.ai. But, not matter where you installed it from, your TVM version is too old. Try installing the nightly version from https://tlcpack.ai or build from source.