Gdb print any tvm::ObjectPtr's data_ will bad address

when I am trying to use gdb debug tvm code, I found that I can’t directly print any member of a tvm::ObjectPtr. Example code show above, if I p conv_attrs->groups it will bad address, if I p groups it will print the right value which means that the code itself is right. the error is between tvm and gdb

First of all, I thought it was caused by the complexity of the tvm classes’ inherit. Then I init the base class tvm::Object and tvm::ObjectPtr<tvm::Object>, when I try to use gdb print the former, it seems good, but if I print the latter’s member var data_, then bad address happened(the data_ equal 0x00 is not the reason). So it seems that the tvm::ObjectPtr<tvm::Object>'s member var data_ can’t be touched by gdb is being blamed for the error. But I can’t fight out why and how to fix it.

I notice that we can use tvm::Dump to print some Obj, but it still bad address.

I also meet the same problem

Unlucky, I still have no idea the reason why and how to fix it