Establishment of Chinese Language Manual

Does anyone plan to provide a manual in Chinese? Or can we make the manual explanation more detailed. I was wondering if anyone was already working on that and if we could join you in that process. I want to know if there are people out there who share our goals, maybe we can do it together.

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It’s definitely helpful to have a Chinese version but I don’t have too much bandwidth…If anyone is interested, I am more than happy to review!

Thanks for your support and we will try our best.Good luck!

Happy to see more and more Chinese developers in the community. It’s helpful for Chinese TVM beginners to have a Chinese version manual. I can help to review and improve, especially the tir part. :grinning:

It was nice to get positive support from the community in such a short period of time, but we didn’t actually have many experience building manuals and we really don’t want it to look bad. It would be very important if someone could guide it and we will be very glad to follow.

We’ve seen that the English manual appears to be generated from Python-rst. To be honest, we originally planned to do it based on Github Pages and docs/Markdown and even in a new public github-repository if necessary, will it look strange? any suggestion?

If you are interested in our proposal, welcome to contact me at

I have the same idea as you. I hope the official can build a new repo in GitHub. I can help translate the current tutorial, wechat: 544705740

It’s a good idea! I’d also like to help when I have time. :slight_smile:

Tensorflow and Pytorch Chinese manuals are based on Markdown. It might be easier to write than RST, but we might want to keep the Chinese version align with the English version if we want to host it under Apache. I think we need to clarify whether this will be a part of TVM core manual development so it can be put in the Apache TVM repo, or a community’s effort to enhance TVM (in which case it can have its own github repo). @hogepodge, do you have suggestions and comments?

Btw, @BBuf has written a few great articles in Chinese about TVM with example code in this repo:

I am the author of this repository and I am flattered to be mentioned. I am also looking forward to contributing to TVM’s Chinese documentation. My WeChat is bbuf2333. If there is a discussion group, you can concat me, thank you.

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I don’t have a whole lot of experience with internationalization, but I am fully in support of offering documentation in any language we are able to support in the community. The only mention of language support within the Apache Software Foundation is in their Diversity Statement:

Though we welcome people fluent in all languages, Apache development takes place in English.

I haven’t been able to find much more information on the official stance or procedures for initernationalizing documentation. Other projects are engaged in those efforts, so for it to be official we would need to prepare an RFC and have it reviewed by the community.

Similar to some other side projects related to TVM (tlcpack, for example), you don’t need any formal approval to begin that work. I would suggest that it start as a side project, then as it gains traction work towards making it part of the official page.


Sorry I was late, a bit swamped in the last few weeks. I am more than happy to help as a en-to-zh translator. WeChat group is an okay solution for quick communication though but it barely offers any feature that helps development…why not we use TVM’s official discord?

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I think using Discord is a good idea! We can ask Chris to help us create a channel in TVM’s discord if people agree to move the conversation there.

discord is banned in China. It is not a good choice for developers in China.

I see…it makes sense to me

I think a reasonable scheme has been given and I have actually tested, welcome to visit The manual supports implementation recommendations for internationalization


Do you know if slack is banned in China as well? Slack might be a better communication tool than discord when it comes to these types of jobs.

Not banned. Slack could be logged.

There is a result of this topic, please refer to Join us and Complete translation of Chinese manual

and slack is supported, share-link:

Really good proposal to greatly improve the learning efficiency of Chinese developers, mark.

Hello, our work has started. I wonder if you are interested in helping us to review it? If you’d like to participate, may I know your email account. You can cantact me at