Does current auto-scheduler support GPU

Hi, I am trying to do some auto-scheduling jobs on GPU, but it seems that current Ansor does not support GPU. BTW, is there any example on how to use auto-scheduler on GPU ? 捕获

We are in the upstream process. The current code is not complete and the performance is not guaranteed. After the upstream is finished, we will add tutorials and let you to try it.

We will first add tutorials for CPU and then for GPU. I think the tutorial for GPU will be available in about one month.

Thanks for answering! I wish it to be merged soon.

@asdlalala make sure and check out the new GPU auto-scheduler tutorial PR that @merrymercy just put up. It still doesn’t support full models yet to my knowledge (full integration with Relay is coming next) but this should enable you to optimize subgraphs.

Or if you’re feeling less adventurous, then wait a bit until it’s merged and then try it out!

Ansor tuning for end to end model support is ready in our develope branch, the upstreaming is on its way. :smiley:

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